Commercial laundry services and restaurant linen service in Melbourne, restaurant laundry service and linen hire Melbourne.

Who are we?

Spin Doctors Laundry Services is a leading supplier of commercial laundry specialising in restaurant linen services  to the Hospitality industries such as restaurants, hotels, cafes, bars and wedding venues.

Customer Satisfaction & Quality Assurance is of the utmost importance to us.

We provide a comprehensive range of laundry services, tailoring them to suit your specific business needs and your budget. We guarantee unbeatable pricing to deliver crisp, clean, luxurious linen to you on-time, every time.

“Restaurant Linen Price and Quality, You Can’t Beat Spin Doctors”

Our operations are equipped with award-winning technology to produce high efficiency. We have Energy Star-rated machines that use less chemicals, less water and less electricity. Recycling is encouraged, and biodegradable, sustainable products are incorporated in our operations where possible.


We cater for all fabrics sheer to solid, colours, sizes and shapes.

“We Specialise in Restaurant Linen Services”

If your business requires any of the services we provide below, we guarantee that you will receive unbeatable pricing, highest quality, best customer service with free deliveries.





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